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The company

Over the last 35 years, MDB Texinov® has developed impressive know-how and expertise in the design and manufacture of engineered textiles.


MDB Texinov® is a small French industrial concern originally founded, in 1972, in La Tour du Pin, in the Isère region of the French Alpine foothills. It initially produced non-laddering textiles for the clothing market but soon moved into more technical applications.

Atelier Historique

Its warp-knitted engineered textiles are designed and their manufacture is controlled in France by our team of engineers and technicians with enormous experience in all aspects of the production chain. The entire value chain from design to manufacture and logistics, along with customer service, is also exercised in France, in our workshops in the Isère region.

As a pioneer in the field, the company harnesses the full innovative potential of warp-knitting technology for applications serving the interests of customers on the civil engineering, automotive, aeronautics, construction, agricultural, and medical-device markets.

The company bases its development on a strategy of major investment and reinforcement of its R&D team. To meet the requirements of new standards and the strictest demands, particularly in the medical field, MDB Texinov® invest permanently a great deal, in both human and material terms, to maintain the greatest possible independence (in‑house laboratory, Quality service, research and development). This development drive works hand in hand with keeping a finger on the pulse of markets and maintaining a key presence at the heart of the world of engineered textiles.

The evolution of the MDB Texinov® offering is tailored to the functional and financial issues faced by the company’s customers, i.e. sustainable agriculture, sustainable construction, energy efficiency, protection and renewal of natural resources, design for all, and pressure for innovative medical devices.

The company’s experience has made it the most innovative European specialist in warp-knitting technology devoted to the agricultural, industrial, and medical markets.


Milestones in the company’s development:

  • 1972: Creation of “La Maille des Buissières” (MDB) in St Clair de la Tour: manufacture of non-laddering textiles (tulle netting, clothing)
  • 1983: Launch of Filbio®, insect-proof netting for crops that has became a market yardstick
  • 1985: Launch of the first Notex® GX reinforcing geotextiles
  • 1988: First geotextile export contracts
  • 1992: “La Maille des Buissières” becomes MDB Texinov
  • 1996: First certification against ISO 9002
  • 2002: Construction of corporate headquarters—8,000‑m² workshop and 400 m² of offices—in Saint Didier de la Tour
  • 2003: Certification against ISO 9001
  • 2005: Involvement in collaborative projects in France and the rest of Europe (FP6 / ERA)
  • 2009: Integration of the yarn preparation business
  • 2012: Certification against ISO 13485 concerning medical devices
  • 2013: Integration of the post-treatment business and development of a workshop devoted to medical applications (2,000 m2)
  • 2017: ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • 2018: Merging the Geotextiles activity with Afitex and creating AFITEXINOV
  • 2019: Certification against ISO 13485:2016 concerning medical devices
  • 2020: Launch of FFP2 / FFP3 masks manufacturing activity
  • 2021 : Launch of polypropylene meltblown non-woven manufacturing activity

Key figures:

  • Annual production capacity: 20 million square metres of textiles
  • More than 70 knitting looms
  • 1 production site in the Rhône–Alpes region



MDB Texinov® is building the future on the strength of three clearly asserted values made visible to employees and customers alike: dynamism, diligence, and creativity.

Collaboration et Formation

The experience and versatility of its workforce are the levers on which the company leans not only to meet high production and development demands but also for in‑house transfer of skills.

MDB Texinov® can thus provide its partners with the following:

  • professionalism: for our workforce, as for our customers, a professional approach is a factor in quality that underpins reciprocal trust and long-term commitment,
  • understanding of customer requirements: every project is different, every customer has their own specific imperatives; that is why, above all else, we seek to grasp the full implications of the requirements expressed,
  • adaptability: we study the feasibility of all requests in order to propose a solution consistent with the imperatives presented,
  • reactivity: because everyone is subject to increasingly short deadlines, we take every possible measure to facilitate the progress of customers’ projects,
  • production capacity: the number of machines we use means we can meet large production volumes,
  • innovation: our expertise in research, innovation, and development, materials and processes, the collaborative project we work on, and the close ear we keep to the market promote the development of high-technology textile solutions.



MDB Texinov® backs a large number of scientific partnerships to help develop innovation and research.

Partenariat Projet Texinov

In partnerships with IFTH (French Textile and Clothing Institute, the textile industry’s technical advisory centre) and EDANA (nonwovens associations) over more than 30 years and involvement in several competitive clusters such as Techtera and Lyonbiopôle mean we benefit from the expertise of the greatest French specialists in flexible materials and their applications.

We work in conjunction with internationally renowned research organizations and laboratories, in accordance with their fields: Lyon, Grenoble and Paris universities, CNRS, INRA, INSERMRWTH, engineering schools: Centrale, ITECH, ENISE, ENSAIT, etc., and we co-supervise with French and overseas PhD candidates working on their theses.

Several collaborative multi-year R&D projects, in which MDB Texinov® is a partner, are supported by national (FUI, ADEME, Région AURA, BPI) or international (REA) organizations.

French Fab

MDB Texinov®, proud to be part of FRENCH FAB’, let’s develop French industry


MDB Texinov® conducts all its work in the Rhône–Alpes region, close to La Tour du Pin.

The site, in Saint Didier de la Tour, accommodates administrative, commercial, research and development, laboratory, logistics, and production staff. Our manufacturing facilities meet the requirements of all our lines of business, and their proximity facilitates close cooperation between development and production.

Our production workshops are organized in accordance with different markets: Geosynthetics, Agriculture, Industry, Medical.


Siege social de TexinovHeadquarters and production:

56 Route de Ferrossière

38110 Saint Didier de la Tour – France

Come to Texinov


MDB Texinov® is constantly on the look-out for new skills and profiles and examines job applications with the greatest interest. The company employs staff across a wide range of fields—technicians, knitting machinists, salespersons, engineers, etc.—, so there may well be an opportunity for you!

Recrutement Jobs

The company contributes to the training of young professionals through apprenticeships at secondary-school and lower tertiary levels, for production and laboratory work, and through internships for higher tertiary levels (engineers, masters students, doctoral candidates).

To make a spontaneous job application, please fill in our contact form or to recrutement@texinov.fr.



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